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Safeguarding Your Information Assets
2017 October
  • News

xTerraLink recently selected and awarded a contract with California department of Goods and Services.

2014 December
  • News

xTerraLink's Rami J. Zreikat continues to speak at the Sacramento District Dental Society special events and at the California Dental Association "CDA Presents" in Anaheim and San Francisco; where the topics focus on HIPAA Security Compliance.

2014 September
  • News

xTerraLink was awarded an Independent Security Assessment for the Franchise Tax Board (FTB).

2013 August
  • News

xTerraLink was awarded a subcontract project from Gemalto (, an Infrastructure deployment project for the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) where xTerraLink successfully deployed over 525 Document Authorization Devices across 167 DMV locations within the State of California.

2013 June
  • News

xTerraLink was invited to participate as a subcontracted partner to Accenture to support the security, governance, and compliance for California's state-wide Financial Information System for California.

(FI$Cal Project )